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Business Analytics Solution for Utilities

Utility organizations must be able to analyze and interpret large volumes of data, quickly and efficiently in order to meet today's business challenges, such as green-energy mandates, regulatory compliance, tight control on infrastructure assets, high-level customer service and smart-grid initiatives. Carriots Analytics allows easy customer billing analysis, meter data aggregation, rate schedule simulation & optimization, assets and outage management, and more.

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Measure generation capacity & demand

Improve generation performance

Understand & mitigate hidden risks

Track Metering Issues

Track usage information

More and more, utilities are requiring advanced BI functionality as part of their overall CIS deployment. We found that Carriots Analytics’ technology and scalability address both our short and long-term BI strategy and we are thrilled with what this partnership will offer CIS Infinity customers.” Peter Fanous, Executive Vice President,
Advanced Utility Systems

Carriots Analytics is embedded in Advanced/CIS Infinity solution to help utilities improve their revenue stream and provide first-rate customer service.