Manufacturing organizations are focused on productivity, quality and competitiveness. To maintain their edge, they rely on innovative concepts such as lean manufacturing, connected factory (IoT), supply chain automation, "cobotics", AR or 3D printing. Carriots Analytics fosters that effort by allowing users to elevate the growing amount of collected data to insightful knowledge, through dynamic and multi-dimensional analysis in real time.

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High Performance Computing

Companies and institutions of all sizes use high performance computing to develop innovative new products and create entirely new markets. As a result, application workloads have become much larger and more complex than ever before. Comprehensive and robust analysis and visualization features are needed to help ensure limited computing resources are being used efficiently.

Carriots Analytics powers Altair's PBS Analytics.


Utility organizations must be able to analyze and interpret large volumes of data, quickly and efficiently in order to meet today's business challenges, such as green-energy mandates, regulatory compliance, tight control on infrastructure assets, high-level customer service and smart-grid initiatives. Carriots Analytics allows easy customer billing analysis, meter data aggregation, rate schedule simulation & optimization, assets and outage management, and more. Read More

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Healthcare providers are faced with the challenge of fostering and improving patient-centered care while adapting to regulatory changes and remaining financially sound. Carriots Analytics can help providers leverage collected data and provide in-depth real-time analysis through insightful reports in a secured environment both for medical and administrative purposes.

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Mobile technology is reshaping the retail industry and retailers are certainly accounting for it while optimizing their customers' shopping experience, rethinking their loyalty strategies, and adapting to customers' omni-channel shopping. As mobile and mPOS devices play a larger role in the retail market, so will IoT, and consequently the ability to leverage a technology like Carriots Analytics to perform sophisticated analysis and generate reports will become essential to understand customer behavior and maintain competitiveness.

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In the world of financial institutions, it is critical to fully leverage data in order to respond quickly to regulatory changes, to anticipate market variations and to maintain competitive positioning. Carriots Analytics empowers financial executives with relevant and actionable information to make trade-off's and give them the ability to drill data to gain insight and isolate problems, such as delinquency or fraud.

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