Analytics for Engineering

Customers choose Altair’s Weight Analytics, powered by Carriots Analytics to:

Dramatically reduce time required to consolidate data sources by up to 80%

Visualize, analyze and predict risk and opportunities at any point during the Product Lifecycle

Make decisions up to 50% faster and spend more time analyzing information for solution’ to achieve W&B targets

Run what-if scenario’s resulting in actionable information for key decision makers IT bottlenecks

“We chose Altair’s Weight Analytics, powered by Carriots Analytics, and implemented it on both existing and future programs, integrated into backbone applications.”


Carriots Analytics provides businesses with advanced analytics to develop detailed cost models that account for every step of the manufacturing process. Carriots Analytics enable you to build dynamic scenario analysis models with configurable options i.e. make or buy, manufacturing locations & countries in order to optimize cost and profitability.

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Engineering Cost & Productivity Analytics

Deliver basic set of reports and dashboards, and get insights into product cost breakdown. 

Customers choose Altair’s Cost Analytics, powered by Carriots Analytics to:

Manage product costs with latest design, bill of material status, and best negotiated price from suppliers.


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