What’s New in Carriots Analytics 4.2?

Carriots Analytics 4.2 is out! This new release is full of new IoT focused features and new data connectors, some new charting and new UI enhancements.

Web service as a data source

  • IoT focused features and new data connectors
  • New data/time selector widget which enables filtering date-time dimension data up to 1 second granularity
  • Line and Area charts will show discontinuity when NaNs are present instead of showing as zero
  • ISV’s can sign up customers on their behalf and manage accounts from the cloud
  • Excel connector
  • IOT partner connector

Charting and UI Enhancements

  • New & Improved color scheme for all charts: Specific schemes designed for chart types
  • Drill-by enhancements: Restrict drill-by items that are visible to a user. Ability to disable drill-by feature on a chart
  • Export job scheduler improvements: New time selector widget to specify start time of job Select periodicity in Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds from dropdown
  • New suite of charts released as Beta:
    • Leverages the best of both SVG & HTML5 Canvas
    • Zooming capabilities available on axis
    • Timescale support
    • New chart types – Box plot, xorted pie, and stacked ranking.


  • Report sharing
  • Page level ACL on a shared report