What’s New in Carriots Analytics 4.1?

Carriots Analytics 4.1 is out! This new release is full of new features and includes the ability to specify web service as a data source and offers enhanced access and visualization through mobile devices.

Web service as a data source

  • Ability to specify the web service URL
  • User can specify the volatility (refresh) period
  • User can specify the number of data packets to cache
  • The web service data is not stored in Carriots Analytics’ data engine

Mobile Devices Enhancement

  • Summary Mode (Application View) Automotive Unlimited” in the active report window Showing thumbnails of all 5 pages available in the report
  • Report viewing mode Dashboards conform to the mobile aspect ratio Expand into individual dashboard panes

Visual Lines on Bar Chart (Custom/Min/Max/Average)

  • Create Min/Max/Average lines
  • Create Target lines for the Y-axis

Drill-By Feature

  • Drill-By gives the ability to navigate to a page that is created on-the-fly
  • All string dimensions from the dataset are available to Drill-By from the menu