What’s New in Envision 4.0?

Envision 4.0 is a major release focused on adding and enhancing capabilities required for IoT and Industrial Analytics use cases. Several new functions have been added to offer one of the most comprehensive cloud data analytics platform. This release is feature-rich across the board, making Envision more capable, refined and easy to use.

User Experience Enhancements

  • New context sensitive chart properties and n-level deep Undo/Redo stack
  • New Bookmark feature provides users a shortcut to most commonly used combination of dashboard filters, and the ability to share these bookmarks
  • New Targeted filtering allows users to link measures/metrics with dashboard filters providing fine grained control on how and what aspects of charts and dashboards react to certain filters


Core Enhancements

  • Ability to setup a browsing dimension to be a single-select (multi-select was the only option in the past)
  • Two fact tables can be related among multiple dimensions, enabling business users to combine data from multiple data sources with ease

Collaborative Enhancements

  • Email notification is sent to stakeholders when data-source is updated
  • Ability to share a report to a group with authoring privileges

Big Data, Data Engine &Data Source Enhancements

  • Hadoop / Spark SQL supported as an external engine
  • REST API for external engines to inform Envision that their data has changed
  • New Salesforce.com connector

Administrative Enhancements

  • Enables authoring capabilities of Envision in Embedded mode